Monday, November 9, 2009

Roberts Rules of Order: Newly Revised

First book, is a must read for school. "Robert's Rules of Order: Newly Revised" Sounds thrilling... perhaps.
Actually, he does make a pretty good point. If all our meetings followed the same rules and everyone knew the rules then there wouldn't be any useless meetings, everyone would know the objectives of the meeting and there would be an agenda for every meeting. Now there's a thought! (Like baseball- everyone knows the rules and every game is played the same) Just think about all the time we spend in meetings and then consider how many of them were actually beneficial. Especially in the arts, our lives are controlled by meetings, Production meetings, Board meetings, Design meetings, concept meetings, etc. Just think about what would happen if these were all run using Robert's Rules of Order......
I think this is how I will run all my meetings (when I am in charge).

1 comment:

  1. agreed. and i am destined to spend approximately half of my life in useless meetings cause most designers are not competent enough to understand this concept.
    i can't wait!