Monday, January 17, 2011

The Artist's Way

The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

This past week, I met with Kate Cordaro, the Director of Education at Two River Theater Company, who explained to me in great detail the history and goals/objectives of all the educational programs that Two River has to offer. She gave me some movies to watch (of high school and middle school Summer Ensemble final plays) and plays to read (Einstein at Bar Rouge- the PlayBack version of Picasso at the Lapin Agile) and a book called The Artist's Way. She said to me that I cannot read this book- I have to do it.

I hesitated in taking her advice- why can't I just plow through this book and read it like a novel? So, I prepared to do just that. I got a good bottle of wine (an Argentinian "La Posta"), a nice blanket, and my favorite reading spot. I started reading The Artist's Way, like I do any other book; however, I come to realize that The Artist's Way is not like any other book. I needed to actively read this one. I grabbed my handy-dandy mini post-it notes and kept tagging the pages that I wanted to remember. After reading The Basic Tools chapter, I realized that almost every page had a little purple post-it. I plowed through and began the first chapter. Then I stopped- picked up my computer and began to write. I wrote down whatever the book told me to write. I wrote lists, paragraphs and little mantras. I began thinking about my past, my Censor, my creative side and then realized that this is not an ordinary book.

I have taken the pledge, signed the contract and will embark on these next twelve weeks of finding and recovering my creative self (-whatever that may be). I will not write again--on this book-- until these weeks have passed. I am finding creativity.

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