Monday, June 20, 2011

Drowning Ruth

by: Christina Schwarz
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"I drowned too.
That's stupid. If you drowned, you'd be dead.
Sometimes you die, sometimes you don't"

Drowning doesn't always mean death. There is literal drowning-- suffocating under water-- and there is figurative drowning--loosing control of emotions. 
This book is about drowning.
All of the above drowning.

What does it mean to lose control? What does it mean to lose a life? To lose a love? To lose sanity? To lose the ability to hold on? To lose a sister, daughter, wife, mother, friend?
This book is about loss.
All of the above loss.

All families have their secrets. Secrets untold between other members of the family, or secrets kept  only within the family. Family secrets kept hidden, secrets leaked out over time, and secrets itching at the surface.
This book is about family secrets.
All of the above family secrets. 

Written in the first person of Amanda, Ruth, and Mathilde, this book gives several different perspectives of the same stories. Jumping back and forth in time, and between first and third person, the reader is left to put the pieces together.

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