Sunday, September 19, 2010

At the Black Pig's Dyke

At The Black Pig's Dyke by Vincent Woods

So far I have been only able to find this play in Far From The Land: Contemporary Irish Plays (Play Anthologies). It is not sold separately, nor anywhere else in the universe.

This is one of my favorite plays in the world probably because it's so extreme. Here's the basis: the plot follows a family through the story of the generations. Throw in some mummers(straw people, hay people etc), a wedding, some evil threats by a jealous lover, song & dance, a little death and you got your self a grand ol' time!

Word to the wise, you may have to read this a couple times to understand it, because it is nonlinear and jumps back and forth between generations and the mummers are Greek Chorus-like. It is a very short play, so you can get through it twice in one sitting.

I love it because it is very atypical.  It would be a great dramaturgical piece to work on. There is great potential for lighting & sound effects and no one has ever heard of this brilliance that is this play. I think it only has been produced twice- EVER. 

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